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We have to address the lack of professionals interacting online and locally it’s quite the elephant in the room. Offline networking functions have bombed, a few niche events have become available but it doesn’t even come close to what networking on LinkedIn offers. Through Social Media Coaching I teach you to leverage the online space, to network online better than you would offline. New skills such as finding your online voice, sharing original content and engaging with others, adding value and diversifying your network are skills not available otherwise. This is a huge part of your personal brand and career/business development.
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Leadership Blogging is a great way to start documenting and sharing and adding value to your online circle and wider community. You’ve got at least 2 decades work experience in team lead roles, and all your people, leadership and business wisdom is accumulating and you want to put it to meaningful use.
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Your previous instances of Job Search Strategy was conveniently outsourced to recruiters who don’t know you, you gave up control of this important project. The best approach is actually the complete opposite: retain control and take action directly with companies you want to approach.
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These services leverage my well developed marketing, sales, social media, leader development and job search strategy skills to benefit you.