Self-care Strategist

Hi, thanks for coming by… I have just the service you’re looking for -> if you struggle with not knowing exactly how to effectively and quickly cope with difficult situations, past or present, then I have a solution for you.

What if there was a way for you to get through a challenging situation soon after it happens, remove any emotional charge from it, then get authentically grounded, and be clear and certain about what to do next?

Here are 3 ways I solve your problem:

The quick solution is to purchase and download this pdf. It’s got guidelines on how to take just 30min and go from Stressed to Calm by following 3 practical steps.

This Intensive is an immersion experience to provide much needed support and giving you the opportunity to practise self-care tools each week to optimise integration, thereby establishing supportive habits in a sequential way. After the 1-month immersion, you can transition into monthly self-care support.

  • We get on a brief chat (DMs/whatsapp/email/call) to establish where you’re at with Self-care, as soon as you’re at a ‘Let’s go for it’, we set the first session up and begin. Request the chat here

Monthly Self-care is ideal if you have some self-care in place and are slower-paced life, needing more of a regular support service.

  • We get on a brief (DMs/whatsapp/email/call) to establish where you’re at with Self-care, as soon as you’re at a ‘Let’s go for it’, we set the first session up and begin. Request the chat here

Thessa, Breda (Netherlands): “Claudia has big insight in all the different aspects of being human, and out of this knowledge her own technique came forth and she uses that to help her clients. The deep knowledge she has helps her clients to find their uniqueness and inner strength. Her energy is soft and strong at the same time, you feel immediately at ease with her and out of this safe space new roads can reveal itself to the client.”

Nthabiseng, Johannesburg, South Africa: “Empowering. Decipherer of Emotions. Interactions with you force me to make time to reflect in silence and attend to my issues individually.”

Arcie, Texas, USA: “Having done a session with Claudia, it really allowed for my anxieties to ease. She was able to pinpoint some stresses that I was dealing with that were affecting me all round, and helped guide me to a place of calm centering. Claudia radiates kindness and reminded me to be kind to myself in the moment. Her techniques are from both the heart and the mind, a perfect balance.”

Lien, Johannesburg (South Africa): “Before I started my self-care journey with Claudia, I was in a state of disarray. I felt overwhelmed, confused, and my emotions were all over the show! The self-care routine has taught me to make sense of and process my emotions in a healthy way, and release the challenging emotions that no longer serve me. The earthing exercise is particularly powerful in that it grounds you in the present, it calms you down and helps you direct your energy, decisions and actions. I’m so grateful for Claudia gently encouraging me to meditate daily because with all the uncertainty and change, I have a solid grounding. My inner strength has increased tremendously and I draw upon it in challenging times. Thank you for your gentle, intuitive way of working. I now have a clear direction, faith in what is and will be, and trust my intuition a whole lot more!”

I invite you to reach out to me via email at, would love to hear from you!

PS: I respond during business hours GMT+2 timezone.

Here’s a little bit about me and why I’m the right person to trust with fixing your problem.

I’m Claudia, based in Johannesburg, and an expert in the field of Emotional Self-care with 9 years experience. I help leaders get through difficult situations faster, so they can get back to what really matters.

It’s simple: If your Self-care game is lacking, then you must absolutely add me as your Self-care Strategist to your personal support system/crew. An expert to support you with fundamental tools to help you through challenging times, help you process situations faster, help you maintain confidence and self-trust, improve your intuition, forgive yourself and having more compassion, and make sure that you’re emotionally, mentally and energetically optimal, which automatically support physical wellbeing. Being able to reach for the right self-care tools in the moment, will be your big secret to success.

Reach out, I’d love to hear from you, email me at

Passionate about teaching and empowering others around self-care, I started my self-care journey in 2009 and by 2013 created the 3 tools I’ve been practising since. I’m excited about making this difference for leaders in the world. I believe that self-care should be the new life skill, helping people connect inwards to develop self-trust and intuition gradually, one breakthrough and decision at a time. I move on from a marketing career in the SME sector, and prior to that a technical career in engineering. I enjoy freshly brewed coffee, deep conversations and bonding over LOLs.