Welcome to my World!

^ I’m Claudia Anita, a Private Strategist.

> Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I enjoy big city living, mocktails, life-long learning and a healthy sense of humour.

> I’m a corporate refugee 😉 and leverage all my expertise to create problem-solving opportunities/support for entrepreneurs in the first 5 years of their business. I’ve learned a lot about human nature in 28 years, I’ve seen all sides of the entrepreneurial leader at work, including the way they stumble when they get in their own way. I want to change that, this is my way to!

> I’m an expert in providing change opportunities that help entrepreneurs get real results.

  • Understanding the marketing, sales and buyer’s landscape in 2020 is key to using social media for your founder brand and for your business today. [personal brand, online presence, adding value]
  • Access what you can afford, whether you’re at the start of your business and can only access frequent action coaching to help you take goal-aligned action steps. [specific results coaching]
  • Or if you’re further along and want to access regular support through medium-long term solutions, I’m here to help you learn how to show up online for your audience and what you might have overlooked in order to achieve the business growth you’re after. [strategic visibility, client engagement, long-term growth]
  • Then there’s the self-care side to your life. Self-awareness + wellness, which has been overlooked for years, and designed for you specifically and put in place to strengthen your personal foundation. Only then will all your hard work for your business pay off meaningfully. [purpose, self-care]
  • In all that I offer, my intuition plays along. So just in case you’re tired of how things are not working out for you, despite all the work and money you put into it, I’ll show you quickly what the underlying blocks are, and shift those in order to get you back on track in your life and in your business.

I take a practical approach, and get really excited about my clients showing up to grow, in order to get results they want. If this appeals to you, keep reading!

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When you say Yes to opportunities, Life rewards you!

PS: I often get asked why Private Strategist -> it’s inspired by the concept of Private Detective. Working directly with my clients, to create a medium to long term action strategy which is practical and can be implemented immediately.