Welcome to my World!

^ I’m Claudia Anita, a Private Strategist for committed career women, who are serious about reaching their goals, sane.

…Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I enjoy big city living, mocktails, life-long learning and a healthy sense of humour.

My journey has come a long way, and leading up to this point, there were a series of adversities which challenged me, invited me to change, and helped me grow. Each time my raw self-care skills kept evolving into a toolkit that’s absolutely amazing. Add to this an ancient self-awareness system and clairsentient intuition which makes life so much more exciting.

Those 3 amazing talents are being put to good use officially during 2020, they’s the most potent and beautiful personal support anyone could wish for.

Each and everyone of us was born into a purposeful life. Wherever you are in your life right now, the amount of discomfort you’re in, is actually directly related to how far away you are from that simpler purposeful living.

The skills and knowledge I have developed and nurtured over many years, work to provide you with the right type of support you need, around self-awareness, purpose theme work and self-care to get you back on track in your life.

Here is an introductory offer for you, which cuts through the current overwhelm you might be in, click here to see more.

I look forward to welcoming you on my journey, and invite you to consider any of the following ways to learn more about what I do for people.

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  • If you’d like to be part of the facebook group community, to benefit from all the value I add there, and the group spirit, request an invite here.

Reach out to me here through email, or DM through messenger.

A little side note, please know that I’ve only recently started this dream-to-real-life journey and now willing to wait to be ready or for things to be perfect, this is a gentle journey of discovering and developing beautiful offers and experiences for my community.

When you say Yes to opportunities, Life rewards you!

Claudia xo