I call Johannesburg my home, with a view on an urban lake, surrounded by nature in a quaint cul-de-sac. With 2,5+ decades in the corporate industry, mid 2019 marked the launch of my business, allowing me to create solutions to make noticeable differences for experienced professionals.

As Private Strategist, I use my natural intuitive strategy talent to support business leaders by putting themselves first. It’s a different approach to developing strength of character and has a powerful ripple effect in all areas of life.

I enjoy providing practical results for clients through either option:

  • Situational, where I assist you by working with a current challenge, intuitively working out a practical way forward, this includes assessing and upgrading mindset and self-care practices, to optimally support yourself. (Great for an introductory experience), or
  • Ongoing, long term support, intuitively empowering you with skills to confidently meet your own needs. This includes continuous focus on mindset and self-care and other practicalities – over time an intuitive connection to self is developed.

In addition to strengthening the relationships my clients have with themselves, the following are projects I supported them on:

  • Achieve high impact results for career goals, incl an adventurous and focused job search strategy.
  • Start your leadership blog for the professional leader, who started sharing their wisdom.
  • A focused business support strategy for SME Owners to steer the business in a more focused direction with confidence. Connecting to your own business is integral and we get to accelerate visibility and focus.
  • Document your legacy dream/plans, get it online to impact people and communities and create an exciting future.
  • Catch up to 2019 with an online presence that will be the envy of your peers.

It is my mission to bring as many business leaders as possible in touch with themselves, and to participate and add value online, let’s make a collective difference!

Sound good? I’m excited to meet you. Email me your contact information and I’ll send you Chemistry Chat details. [clickable]

Claudia Anita, a Private Strategist who offers opportunities for business leaders to connect to themselves, in order to show up stronger in character and with greater commitment. An unwavering strategist at heart, whose expertise is qualified by years of self-care and mindset work and supported by a well developed intuition, offering a unique and unwavering perspective of what’s possible for individuals. No formulas here, all natural authoritative knowledge.

Private Strategist, Johannesburg – South Africa