I call Johannesburg my home, with a view on a suburban lake, surrounded by nature in a quaint cul-de-sac. With about 2,5 decades in the corporate industry, August 2019 marks the launch of my business – this makes it possible for me to create solutions to make noticeable differences for senior working professionals.

As Private Strategist, I position myself to support in a relevant way, through creating visibility strategies and coaching you along the way. Respectful of the position you hold in business industry and socially, I’d like to provide you with opportunities to help you elevate yourself professionally using Social and be able to show up even more engaged and in tune with your network.

If this sounds interesting, then know that I am excited to meeting you.

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Claudia Anita, a Private Strategist who offers senior executives & directors opportunities to elevate their Social (media) presence. A strategist and coach, whose focus is qualified by visibility trend spotting, investing in mentoring with high performing online entrepreneurs and as well a honed intuitive perspective. This positions me to get you to move from your current state of un-‘social’ to a noticeable social level, by default enriching your ever developing legacy.

Private Strategist, Johannesburg – South Africa