14 Day Learn to Meditate Journey

Ideal for someone who is ready to learn solo meditations.

The solo meditation practise provides you with opportunities to learn about yourself, to observe thoughts and even notice patterns after a while and to hone the art of being still.

Quiet time is really powerful, to our minds, our bodies and our selves. We grow better spiritually when this skill is learned.

I remember starting my own meditation journey, it was 2009 and a series of people were sent into my life for me to learn, and so I did. See the guided meditations are great but it’s another way to commune with yourself in a guided way. It’s easy to do, it’s an easy starting point.

Solo meditation brings you in touch with your spiritual circle always there supporting you, in touch with your soul and yourself. We start you off with:

  • Meditation housekeeping to optimise learning over 14 days
  • A workbook which guides you from day to day, with daily activities and a space for your notes.
  • A 14 day journal to keep track of meditation activity and insights received during this journey.
  • All meditations are made available to you, in the form of scripts to follow, instructions included.
  • Accountability emails on day 3 and 11.
  • ZAR1070

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Next steps:

  • I’ll be emailing you the 14 day Learn to Meditate Journey.

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo