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Mindset: focusing on your own needs

Mindset: focusing on your own needs

The topic of self-care has made a much needed comeback over the last few years.

Taken from the health industry and adapted to us taking care of our needs on a regular basis to maintain good health.

But what does good health entail?

  • Mindset health
  • Physical health
  • Emotional health
  • Connection health (spirituality, religion etc)

Mindset health seems to determine the rest on this list, in that we’re emerging from an era of thinking, over thinking, analysing thoughts constantly. It’s a little overwhelming, actually it’s completely stress-generating.

When I became of aware of how I thought about myself, and therefor about everything else, nice little reflection in there, it seemed like an impossible task to even imagine fixing. I eventually picked one area of my life, which was work, through which I was earning an income, and observed and wrote down my thoughts for a while. I would read out my thoughts back so my ears could hear it for the first time, and so the cycle was interrupted and changed forever. Over a few years, I developed an awareness of how I think about things, and it’s been a wonderfully stress-free experience and improvement to my life, from day to day. I am taking care of my needs now, without guilt, without self-sacrifice first and certainly with enjoyment.

Good luck to all of us on this area of our life 🙂

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