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Trust: why it has to teach us

Trust: why it has to teach us

The best way of learning is….

There is no best way lol, my way is not the same as your way, and your way is not the same as your friend’s way.

If Trust were a person, it would surely be walking around with “If only you trusted me”.

Have you imagined your own relationship to trust before? If you have not, I absolutely encourage you to go there.

Then, you get to actually include Trust as a newcomer to your Inner Circle. That Inner Circle of critics, who are experts at reminding us not to take risks and making sure we don’t create new ways of living and being.

A bit about my current relationship with Trust: I only recently figured out why it matters, why it is a habit which serves to support me on days when I want to take risks, when I want to engage with something that supports my own purpose journey. Anything new, that requires complete trust, now looks less daunting to me, and more like a challenge I’d love to give a try.

So if life is a series of adventures, can you suspend your old fears and get to know Trust?

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