Say Yes first

Have you developed a habit of Saying Yes first yet?

Admittedly I am the one that will ask for a coffee first before saying Hell Yes to an adventure, I’ve learned to combine the two: Take the coffee with me.

It’s been quite a journey for me to trust first and then enjoy all the good things that come after, feedback, things going not as expected and so much more. But the ability to see the next step clearly, and to go for it, is such fun and brings fascinating people together.

Here are a few tips on how to get going:

  • Mindset Fix: to know the whole journey upfront actually is not energising at all, it’s predictable. So gear yourself up for taking one step at a time instead. Know all you need to know for today only.
  • Fear Fix: To not be able to see beyond today is both uncomfortable and fascinating. Choose the latter above the former and create a new belief for yourself such as: Today is a new day for me to enjoy and this is all I need to know right now.
  • Leaning In: The ability to trust that tomorrow’s there (as best as we can obviously) helps us be more present in this day. If your mind wanders to the past, to remind you how you failed, switch back to today. If your mind wanders to tomorrow, getting nervous about what’s not developed yet, switch back to today.
  • Taking Action: The energetic choice to start, is immensely powerful. Decide to take action, and be open to things working out for you. This short belief will help you take things in context instead of personally. Feedback coming your way you’ll be able to see as information about your actions instead of judgement of yourself.
  • Support: When taking action, only lean on others who are familiar with this way of thinking and living. Those who are equally or more successful than you, will be more supportive than someone who’s not at this level. Be careful who you choose as your journey confidante.

Wishing you all the best with your new adventure. An adventure is the start of a plan which is not set in stone yet. You have power of choice, actions and decisions for today – make use of it.

Claudia Anita xo