Are you all in?

What was the last decision you made, that got you go all in?

The last time was during the month of August 2019. I was in a very difficult situation, linked to the online income I received at the time, and I saw no way out during the stressful time. On top of that I just contracted flu which meant not only could I figure this situation out, I had to somehow rest to recover back to good health.

It was after a few days of sitting with 2 choices, that I realised choice 3 meant: choose your life’s dream and go all in.

You know that little inspired thought caused all stress to dissolve. The mental anguish of comparing the previous 2 options had vanished in an instant.

I was filled with excitement and a little happy shock, at what I was getting into. And what excited me was that if I went all in, it would be the best decision in a long time.

It took me a full 24 hours to confirm choice 3.

I went all in, no plan B, no looking back, only getting as strong as I can right now, and showing up fully.

This moment, this day, the next choice to make – is immensely powerful.

So, do you have any plans you’ve been putting off, or have you experienced this kind of bliss yet? Have another adventure 🙂

Claudia xo