Favouring Yourself

Reminding and Remembering are powerful acts of self-respect.

I received this insight during my morning journalling session.

I had actually taken the value of both, for granted.

Let me open up and share something personal with you:

  • My day is based on reminders, they’re like small potent rockets, that have repetitive impact in my day.

A second insight helped me realise just how powerful it is, to remind myself of big and smaller things every day, it helps me to remember and then leads me back to passion and intention.

Big things for example are my ‘why’ for goals I set, and it’s served as a guiding tool to make sure I remain committed to reaching my goals, and gets me to reflect on days when I’m in doubt about the journey to them.

Smaller things, so many really -> from starting new habits, to changing habits, to encouraging myself to start new projects etc. The consistency of my attention and focus and supportive, aligned thoughts go a very long way.

If I’m going to offer a suggestion: remind yourself, and remember a decision you took in the past, to change something in your life!

Go get practical about it – take out your phone or your diary, and set up a reminder for one of your biggest goals:

  • The reminder can be confirmation of your goal why.
  • It can also be a reminder of the goal itself.
  • It can be a reminder to help you re-commit each day.
  • Also a feeling or mood state you strive for.

The power of Reminding and Remembering is real.

I want to add the presence of the spiritual element. By trusting that our goals are worthwhile and by being open to receiving guidance, we’re creating the space for energy to support us, to remind us what we need and the support us on our path. Truly believing that the goals we imagined for ourselves, are being manifested through showing up each day.

Include the universe and your spirit crew so that you get to include them, then show up and co-create with them.

Life is richer for it, and sweeter because others will always benefit!

Claudia Anita xo #privatestrategist