Natural Order

As I am developing my own business, I draw on the analogy of a small garden. It’s interesting, needs some planning, needs awareness of what nature does on its own, and needs tending to for when weeds grow or conditions change.

Our own well being is so similar.

Years ago I discovered meditation through a buddhism documentary series and was instantly convinced that it was something I ought to try. I’m glad I did. Give or take, a couple years after that, the market was overwhelmed with meditation do’s and don’ts, but I luckily had my answers already – I knew what worked for me.

After learning all I could from my trusted source,, I went through a challenging situation and decided to enrol in a meditation class, it was terrible – the teacher put himself on a high pedestal and I knew it was wrong choice for me, and validated that I knew enough to continue.

My meditation learning journey has been rich. I cannot live without it. When someone asks me what it’s good for, I say: It’s like a defrag tool on the mind – all the old thoughts are moved away and distracting ones become visible (for sorting out). Also, it’s got a massive calming effect and fosters connection with self.

I also added mindset work, exercise, and other ways of connecting so that in the end, my well being matters to me over any material considerations.

Do you know what you no 1 priority is?

If you don’t rank yourself in the top 3, then I can say with certainty that it’s time you find out why it should be.

Have an amazing day!

Claudia Anita xo