Expired: Playing Small

No playing small by these coffee (beans) and colourful tulips

For the longest time it’s seemed the only option for me is to fit in. I first became aware of gender discrimination at work in my 20s, if I had known then that numerous requests for mentoring from leaders (all male at the time) would all lead to: No, I would have backed myself more.

It’s just not healthy, and it was a keynote speech that Arianna Huffington shared a few years ago, who accurately explained why fitting in doesn’t pay off. She further detailed the kind of world women are trying to fit in to earn a salary, is going to lack fulfillment, lack of well being and lack of meaning. Something I could relate to easily.

So in 2019 after a series of deluded leaders with focus on money only, I questioned my professional existence as income earner. After a series of bizarre instances, I exited from the employee container into nothingness – no plans. I considered my skills and interests, and positioned myself using the freelancing container. After a few months of marketing and cold-calling and not much work, I realise that I’ve been playing small again, fitting into a container. What do I want to be doing every day?

To stop playing small. I feel pressure of holding back and don’t know why…

Showing up with all of my talents and aspects will take courage, but there’s nothing to lose in doing so. I’ve seen enough messages from truly successful female entrepreneurs that support this.

Those tulips and that coffee, would be unrecognisable if they both decided to limit their own growth.

So I boldly share with you, my Ideal Day: it consists of writing, teaching and supporting clients:

  • Writing includes intuitive messaging, sharing insights from other avenues that might be of benefit to readers.
  • Teaching self-care tools and techniques to help people live a better quality life, so that they can focus on achieving goals and other exciting adventures.
  • Supporting my clients in a direct 1on1 capacity, as Private Strategist (everything I offer): Intuitive strategising which addresses identifying limitations that cause recurring issues; Advisory on managing day to day from the perspective of their natural/purpose personality (birth sign); Support on self-care – as the way you take care of yourself, determines the quality of your relationships and fulfilling of objectives.

This month marking this decision to play all out, an amazing turning point to offer it all, an authentic focus!

If you’ve been playing small and holding back, take a few days to journal on it, contemplate and open up to a good friend.

Until next time, Claudia xo