What do your footprints say about you?

Footprints on the beach make for a wonderful intriguing invitation to ask: what do my footprints say about me?

How have you helped people in the last two months since 2020 started? Are you helping by default or are you focusing on making the difference?

Have you structured your time and other resources more and identified 3 people or more you’d like to mentor for this year? Or are you spontaneous and go with the flow, whoever asks for your time etc, gets it?

See, we each make a difference according to how we’re wired in terms of our nature, as well as what we believe about ourselves and about others.

I’ve a former rescue recovery. I’ll never forget the day my therapist asked me: but why is that other person’s situation such a focus in your day? And it hit me – we all create our own situations and then that spills into the nearest person who’s willing to listen. It took me a few months to fully understand this truth. We create most things that are going on, and if we can reframe those as invitations to reflect, and change to enjoy ourselves more.

We can offer opportunities, we can extend our help when asked and what the other person does with it, is not only up to them, but up to their level of commitment to themselves.

So for the next month, when you do ask for help or offer it, be a little more mindful about your intention. Continue your development as a future role model, because we are all one, to someone.