What is happening?

This is a new experience, a global one.

It’s a lesson in diversity.

It’s a lesson in caring about others.

It’s re-prioritising what actually matters.

And it’s a financially and mentally expensive time.

I pay close attention to how nature works, what earth needs as we can see from the loud call of climate change, and am in awe of how we get from it. Nature is the resource accessible in our garden, trees impress us, pathways through parks are welcome go-with-the-flow option.

What are we giving back?

I’ve been aware of all those I know, and the majority has contracted – each time I felt optimistic I also felt guilty. And as the weeks are passing, I notice that the voice of innovation and resourceful is getting stronger, not louder per se, just stronger. It’s a stable movement, moving us forward to be hopeful.

Where are you in all this, how are you taking care of yourself. Did you know that the activity of earthing, takes just 5 minutes to access earth whenever you need. There’s a process I designed through trial and error I got to understand how the body responds to stress release while standing outside on earth/grass/pathway. It can be felt through a release visualisation, I’ve guided many to add this to their self-care routine. It makes for an easy pre-stress situation aid, or to use after a stressful incident.

I’m grateful for each person I get to interact with daily, see through video calls, at the shops weekly, or on social media – each one of us emits energy, an emotional mood, and we each have a responsibility to manage what we put out.

Please take care of yourself, Claudia xo