Connect yourself

The 90s were about what can I do at work.

The 00s were about how can I adapt to changes at work.

The 10s were about creating a series of useful experiences.

The 20s, well too soon to tell, but we’re heading towards an economy of contribution.

So then, ask yourself:

  • How do I connect to my work?
  • When I look for the next job, how do I connect to my search?
  • When I’m in my business, how do I connect with it?
  • When I market my new product / service, how do I connect with it?

At any time, when you’re not connecting with what you’re doing, it sends an impression to the recipient that you’re disconnected. Guess how that turns out, right?

It’s important to be connected to everything we do nowadays, because hun, this is the future now. There’s no pretending to be interested in something anymore. It’s either you’re all in, or go back and brainstorm a better direction for yourself.

Need help with connecting? I offer Intuitive Guidance sessions, where I help you find that point of disconnection from yourself, so that you can take all the action steps you need to.

I want you to go forward and work towards those goals you’re excited about.

Take care, Claudia xo