Letting it be easy


In times of overwhelm, I know that I’ve edged out ease.

I know it happens when things seem too hard, when my efforts seem too slow, and when I’m losing optimism.

Mindfulness is a powerful practice. The ability to call it in. That step of coming all in this very moment. Here’s what I do:

  • I get up and stand still, a natural setting is always helpful of course.
  • I close my eyes in order to let my other senses come up and help me experience this moment.
  • When I open my eyes I become aware of how I feel, of the space I’m in, simple observation.
  • My mind has slowed down by now and I focus on my breath for a minute.

This is a wonderful method to take a moment and get grounded into this moment, get out of past regret and fear or future worry and anxiety.

I hope you have a way to bring in ease into your day, if not please try out my quick method. I find these quick methods quickly become practical go-to’s in times of overwhelm.

Take care, Claudia xo