Big step

Sometimes all you need to shake things up: take a big step.

It’s not in everyone’s courage-kit, to take bold steps, but life will reflect back to you when things get stale, same old, lacking excitement and fulfilment.

Taking a big step in any area of life, requires:

  • a solid reason of course,
  • clear next step,
  • all in attitude, ie no plan B,
  • a juicy big goal you’re heading towards.

If that didn’t invigorate you with nervous excitement, then you’re either not needing to shake things up at this time, or you have limiting beliefs about your ability to take a big step.

As in the image above, when you take a big step, you’ll be experiencing a bit of nothingness, space that is not full of experiences yet, or any other comfort-type references, be patient and treat it as an adventure, going forward one step at a time.

Since I started my business, it’s been a series of taking big steps. Some work out nicely, others didn’t but I can confirm, that taking a big step gives you instant feedback which is very valuable.

Thanks for reading, Claudia xo