30 Days to Starting Self-care

The success of your self-care depends not just on your commitment but also if your needs are met properly. I started my self-care journey around 11 years ago and it was life changing.

The ability to decide what we want to think about ourselves is a key to freedom. The ability to calm ourselves down fast is a key to freedom. The ability to have good mental health is a key to freedom. The ability to process our emotional responses is a big key to freedom. The ability to connect with ourselves and spirit is a key to freedom. The ability to feel good by eating well and maintaining our body wellness is a key to freedom.

From here gratitude, connection, contentment, eagerness, quality of life are all satisfying and fulfilling.

Who needs Self-Care?

Everyone of course. The work place has taught us workers to suppress wellness needs for decades and the wellness industry is only taken seriously when the leadership team largely has this mindset already. So this is why self-care is lacking in the work place especially in established organisations. It’s why sickness is seen as a weak character and why mental wellness is being highlighted on social media. It’s the whole person that wants to emerge and do their work.

30 Days is a good time to start your self-care journey. Your self-awareness will be increased, your perspective enriched and your life experience improved.

  • 1 45-minute Video Call Session at the start
  • 1 Support Call at Day 22
  • The content includes an educational aspect and an action taking aspect to help you get the most out of it in a Self-care Workbook for the 30 Days.
  • Your activity calendar, and an outline of this journey.
  • Email accountability support to keep you on track.
  • Mental Wellness: This area is so important, it’s being aware of what our mind does, gets up to and can do for us.
  • Emotion Wellness: What are emotions, how do they arrive in your day, why do they matter. How to use them to have a better day-to-day experience in life. Self-expression that leads to healthy boundaries.
  • Physical Wellness: How to look after your body, by the guided grounding tool I’ll share. The grounding tool I teach works quickly and is versatile. Why movement is good for all parts of your being and how to start doing the minimum.
  • Spiritual Wellness: Commune by being with your faith entity and confirming your goals, in person and writing. Journaling prompts will be available for you to try out, and use for the entire 30 days.
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Next steps:

  • I’ll be emailing you a scheduling link to set up our Session.

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo