Advisory Partner Support – Monthly Support for Biz Positioning, Marketing and Sales

Ideal for action takers and limited resources!

With over 30 years experience both in the workplace and as entrepreneur, I know how difficult it is to develop visibility for yourself and for the problems your business solves. Getting the positioning as right as possible at the beginning is key, marketing the business in an easy to understand way and selling offers and services.

It’s a lot. It’s a lot for a solopreneur, who’s starting out creating the foundations for the business so as to build on it its core focus of existing, and adding revenue streams in its business model.

The expertise I have comes at a price as it’s a combination of skill, experience and passion – add my strategic skill and you get a good idea of how valuable my solutions are, they are all customised to the business’s stage and focus.

However, many of the entrepreneurs I speak to, are struggling to get it all done. There’s a continuity in limited resources and knowledge which limits them in growing faster.

The ability to access all my expertise around business positioning, brand and product marketing and sales, is available to you. Your buyers will be buying from you, and so your personal brand just seems to mean more than your business brand at this point.

What do you get:

  • Monthly Session of 75 min to support you as entrepreneur.
  • You get to vent about pretty much all of it, this way I see it all and you’ll get better quality support.
  • I’ll become familiar with how your business is set up in order to better advise on new options to solve problems.
  • Traditional problem-solving process of finding root cause.
  • Action steps are discussed for a way forward.
  • Sales Coaching is included.
  • I might just make self-care recommendations depending on current stress levels.

If this sounds exactly like what you could benefit from, focused attention on these areas of your business, while you continue to grow it, please click on the Buy Now button: (if you prefer to be invoiced by email, please click here to email and let me know.)

Next steps:

  • I’ll be emailing you with scheduling options. I look foward to meeting you and the business you’re building 🙂

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo