• For Life

    Big step

    Sometimes all you need to shake things up: take a big step.

    It’s not in everyone’s courage-kit, to take bold steps, but life will reflect back to you when things get stale, same old, lacking excitement and fulfilment.

    Taking a big step in any area of life, requires:

    • a solid reason of course,
    • clear next step,
    • all in attitude, ie no plan B,
    • a juicy big goal you’re heading towards.

    If that didn’t invigorate you with nervous excitement, then you’re either not needing to shake things up at this time, or you have limiting beliefs about your ability to take a big step.

    As in the image above, when you take a big step, you’ll be experiencing a bit of nothingness, space that is not full of experiences yet, or any other comfort-type references, be patient and treat it as an adventure, going forward one step at a time.

    Since I started my business, it’s been a series of taking big steps. Some work out nicely, others didn’t but I can confirm, that taking a big step gives you instant feedback which is very valuable.

    Thanks for reading, Claudia xo

  • Authenticity & Commitment,  Online Presence,  Personal Brand

    You and Personal Brand


    Who are you?

    All the ways that you define yourself and tell yourself you are, your online audience needs to know as well.

    Why you ask?

    Well, think about a time you went to a network event for business and didn’t really like anyone. Chances are that every person you met, held back on who they were, which makes those boring conversations without any points of connection.

    When you start committing to showing up online, you’ll be needing to demonstrate your beliefs, walk readers through your perspectives on topics, share your dreams with them.

    While this might overwhelm you right now, especially if you’re at the start of your online journey or been thinking about it for a while, this is actually quite simple in practice.

    Yes this is true.

    You in written or other content format on social media, is your personal brand!

    Pretty simple now, right?

  • Commitment,  Connection

    Connect yourself

    The 90s were about what can I do at work.

    The 00s were about how can I adapt to changes at work.

    The 10s were about creating a series of useful experiences.

    The 20s, well too soon to tell, but we’re heading towards an economy of contribution.

    So then, ask yourself:

    • How do I connect to my work?
    • When I look for the next job, how do I connect to my search?
    • When I’m in my business, how do I connect with it?
    • When I market my new product / service, how do I connect with it?

    At any time, when you’re not connecting with what you’re doing, it sends an impression to the recipient that you’re disconnected. Guess how that turns out, right?

    It’s important to be connected to everything we do nowadays, because hun, this is the future now. There’s no pretending to be interested in something anymore. It’s either you’re all in, or go back and brainstorm a better direction for yourself.

    Need help with connecting? I offer Intuitive Guidance sessions, where I help you find that point of disconnection from yourself, so that you can take all the action steps you need to.

    I want you to go forward and work towards those goals you’re excited about.

    Take care, Claudia xo

  • Handle stress

    Letting it be easy


    In times of overwhelm, I know that I’ve edged out ease.

    I know it happens when things seem too hard, when my efforts seem too slow, and when I’m losing optimism.

    Mindfulness is a powerful practice. The ability to call it in. That step of coming all in this very moment. Here’s what I do:

    • I get up and stand still, a natural setting is always helpful of course.
    • I close my eyes in order to let my other senses come up and help me experience this moment.
    • When I open my eyes I become aware of how I feel, of the space I’m in, simple observation.
    • My mind has slowed down by now and I focus on my breath for a minute.

    This is a wonderful method to take a moment and get grounded into this moment, get out of past regret and fear or future worry and anxiety.

    I hope you have a way to bring in ease into your day, if not please try out my quick method. I find these quick methods quickly become practical go-to’s in times of overwhelm.

    Take care, Claudia xo

  • Handle stress

    What is happening?

    This is a new experience, a global one.

    It’s a lesson in diversity.

    It’s a lesson in caring about others.

    It’s re-prioritising what actually matters.

    And it’s a financially and mentally expensive time.

    I pay close attention to how nature works, what earth needs as we can see from the loud call of climate change, and am in awe of how we get from it. Nature is the resource accessible in our garden, trees impress us, pathways through parks are welcome go-with-the-flow option.

    What are we giving back?

    I’ve been aware of all those I know, and the majority has contracted – each time I felt optimistic I also felt guilty. And as the weeks are passing, I notice that the voice of innovation and resourceful is getting stronger, not louder per se, just stronger. It’s a stable movement, moving us forward to be hopeful.

    Where are you in all this, how are you taking care of yourself. Did you know that the activity of earthing, takes just 5 minutes to access earth whenever you need. There’s a process I designed through trial and error I got to understand how the body responds to stress release while standing outside on earth/grass/pathway. It can be felt through a release visualisation, I’ve guided many to add this to their self-care routine. It makes for an easy pre-stress situation aid, or to use after a stressful incident.

    I’m grateful for each person I get to interact with daily, see through video calls, at the shops weekly, or on social media – each one of us emits energy, an emotional mood, and we each have a responsibility to manage what we put out.

    Please take care of yourself, Claudia xo