Been off LinkedIn for a while Entrepreneur? How to re-establish your online presence in 30 Days and create compelling content on LinkedIn

There is an undeniably massive advantage to using social media to re-enter your network. LinkedIn provides the stability of its platform and users who have various levels of standards. Most are forgiving to new users and even lend them a hand. However if you’ve got a career already, or didn’t use LinkedIn to your fullest advantage yet, it might seem like a brand new space.

Well, that’s because it actually is to some extent. See, the platform was same old for around 10 years, and the changes they made were hardly noticeable. About 1,5 years ago, industry leaders started conversations, sharing lessons, local outspoken networkers started sharing their stories online, quickly updating LinkedIn’s relevance.

2020 brings you a platform full of users ready to meet others. Re-establishing your online presence is quite important as it supports your business goals regarding visibility. Raising awareness for your business means raising awareness of you and your entrep status.

By creating content that provides this info, and that shows people who you are (people buy from people) they’ll start interacting with your content on LinkedIn while you’re running customer projects.

The following aspects will be focused on, and a step by step action plan that you can use to implement. Starting is usually the most difficult, and this solution gives you what you need to start:

  • Assessing current situation & skills
  • Personal LinkedIn profile update, position as business owner
  • Company page creation/update, alternate to a website
  • How to show up on LinkedIn
  • What is compelling content
  • What to share and when
  • Further content generation for DM & email
  • Content calendar with prompts
  • Content Samples
  • Pre-work (Day 1)
  • 1 Session (Day 2)
  • 1 Call (Day 17)
  • Weekly email support
  • ZAR2370

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Next steps:

  • I’ll be emailing you after payment’s received, then you’ll receive pre-work information and I’ll ask you for 2 possible day and time options to set up Session 1 where we’ll go through where you are right now.

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo