Biz Visibility

Quick story: I have not met you yet, but don’t be surprised if you don’t really like marketing or selling. Before the last couple years or so, it just wasn’t as serious a requirement, as it is right now.

Let me offer you this opportunity to deep dive into all the aspects of visibility for your business. This consists of fast tracked marketing and sales. The ability or skill to let the public know who you are, why you are in business, what you offer, why you’re doing it etc will either help you, or hinder your company’s existence.

You might know this already, unless you have a business model showing your various revenue streams, with data of sales trends & digital analytics, you are at a disadvantage. This data is one of the key pieces of information you need to know where your business is going.

Another area where I often find lack, is in customer, staff and supplier engagement. The skill of interacting with others comes from a perspective of commitment to your big why, your plan for the business, and communicates this to everyone you meet.

I am passionate about business visibility. So why do these small and medium size companies avoid it, because they are either unaware, or outdated and irrelevant or simply too scared to learn.

The size of your business team determines the amount of action and fun this Biz Visibility experience will create. For solopreneurs there is a relative amount of fun in reaching outside of what you know so far.

Steps to creating more visibility:

  • The first week includes 2 sets of pre-work: 1. Social media audit. Why only social media, it is where 90% of your marketing visibility opportunities exist. 2. Viewing your sales data & business model revenue streams. (If you don’t have this, let’s chat)
  • For the next 4 weeks, next step is to create/improve personal brands for all participants. Then you’ll learn to share bits of information about yourselves in a comfortable way, beginner type engagement.
  • The next 4 weeks we’ll analyse where you are in relation to the role in your biz, and get you to share more about your focus.
  • The next 8 weeks will set you up by creating compelling content. Creating your own content, keeping it authentic and interesting is key in attracting the right attention for your biz.

Workshop type sessions are arranged to keep things moving forward. Engagement is key so it’s important to be open to new ways of thinking, and problem solving. Feedback opportunities lead to improved actions, this is part of the work to evolving forward. Aligning the results to where the business is at after this 4 month program, will be important, and we’ll set up a Reflection and Strategy Alignment Session to discuss. Additional support can be requested if needed.

To get started:

Email me a short intro of yourself, describe your biz to me and let’s meet.

Excited to chat, Claudia 🙂