Content Generation done-for-you from ZAR3000

Ah Content. It’s a powerful word and has massive impact on your business, whether you use it or not.

It’s gained a lot of attention in the last years due to its impact to attract customers into your business. When content is aligned to your brand, to the business owner’s personal brand (you know your Why for the business), then it can raise awareness for the difference your offers make. Equally important is the power of great content on people who resonate with you, to see you, connect with you and potentially hire you.

People do buy from people!

Corny and so true!

Of all the core content you might be producing, these can be:

  • Audio and Video speech/talk/podcast
  • Any other audio and video content, such as course, webinar etc
  • Blog or Article

The core pieces of content are used to generate the following:

  • Blog from audio and video content
  • Social Media graphics
  • Social Media Posts (text only)
  • A list of quotes
  • Lead magnets
  • Event banners
  • Email content
  • Memes
  • Prompts
  • Video editing

Frequency depends on what your business’s next step is, and limited to your budget. Whether raising awareness for the business, or launching a new product or growing your email list etc content is generated to support this strategic goal.

To get started:

  • Set up Discovery Conversation, to see if I can support your goals.
  • If all’s aligned, then we map out the first month’s content strategy to agree on work and fee.
  • Please email me with 3 possible dates and times.

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo