Emo Lessons

Quick story: emotions makes us human, it’s not something to control, but rather like our bodies, they are something to learn about properly and appreciate their guidance. Each emotion is an invitation for you to pay attention.

Ready to learn?

We are human, therefor we are emotion-based. Emotions have been called something of a distraction, a maniacal entity that takes control, demeaning references when used in context of sensitive women, insulting guys to not get emotional, the list goes on. Emotions have a negative reputation.

I first paid close attention to emotions and feelings when I learned about heart-centered goal setting. You see up until 2012, I had not related at all to setting goals, things happened and I would face the situation head on and would conquer it intact. A series of adversities.

I discovered that my sensitive nature was linked to my strong intuition which has always advise me correctly. And so I learned more about emotions and feelings and came to understand their natural purpose and power in our lives.

In these Lessons, I will be sharing with you opportunities to learn:

  • how to identify your emotions or feelings
  • how to respond correctly
  • how to unlearn what positive and negative emotions are
  • how to process emotions linked to situations
  • how to process an overwhelming emotion(s)
  • how to accept that what is, is
  • how to forgive others
  • how to forgive yourself
  • additional sessions are available, if you need

I will conduct this course in person as sometimes there are memories that might surface which you might need help with immediately. Sometimes strong reactions could derail the learning process, and so I’ll be able to guide you in the moment.

If you have any questions about the 8 week course, please connect with me.

If you’re ready to start adding emotional richness to your life, to start this adventure:

Email me and intro yourself briefly and then we can arrange a meetup.

Happy thoughts, Claudia xo