Get Ahead Using LinkedIn

Social Media has impacted the way anyone positions themselves now – it’s changed the entire sales game and upgraded networking. If you’re still trying to just check messages on LinkedIn or still trying to find a better photo for your profile, I have some bad news for you: that’s less than 1% of your worries.

Everything has changed.

For Executives you’re expected to show up daily to support a good cause, to support your peers, to engage with more vocal executives in your industry, to inspire the younger leaders, to participate in serious discussions, to accept networking invitations, to share your life lessons and learn from others, to add value to the up-and-comers and every now and again, show your humourous side too. If you’re self-aware and know the importance of personal brand, the impact on your career track and all those opportunities out there, then this is the one skill you need to master in 2020.

For entrepreneurs you’re going to do more than check messages, you’re going to ensure that your personal brand either leads and supports your business brand, you’re going to show up daily because networking leads to business, you’re going to be inspiring the younger entrepreneurs in your space, you’re going to learn how to share what you’re passionate about, you’ll be interacting professionally and authentically online, you’ll be sharing what problems your business is solving, you’ll be humanely connecting with others and not treating them like sales leads, you’ll be an example to the massive amount of entreps that are struggling offline. If you have a business that relies on prospecting, your online presence as a business owner needs to be fully aligned to being relevant in 2020. There’s more support for the rest of your business team here.

The starting point then consists of a fast track immersion to save you time, with massive amounts of guided action taking online.

  • Email Course: Introduction to Showing Up Online covering the Basics over 5 days of guided daily action taking – ZAR970
  • Email Course: From Basics to Intermediary over 12 days of guided daily action taking – ZAR1770
  • Live 5 Week/Session Program: Strategic immersion into the online world with daily guided action to be taken. How to leverage the platform to position your personal brand, build and diversify your network, create your own content for authentic engagement, how to share your wisdom and knowledge to inspire ambitious youth – ZAR6270

Please message me with your selection or questions.