Get your Self-care back on track in 30 Days

I’m not going to write down those overused crisis related sentiments, because it’s all a matter of perspective. Whether you had self-care going before it arrived or always wanted to be more consistent with weekly meditations or physical fitness, self-care has your back and I’m offering an option for you to improve it in the next 30 Days.

Sound exactly right for you?

The self-care areas below support many of our needs to develop inner strength to have a better day-today life experience. We’ll work on:

  • Mental wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Spiritual wellness

Your overall well being can be broadly categorised into those 4 areas. The 30 Day experience starts off with me getting to know you a bit, then assessing where you are right now with self-care, and from there the 4 weeks are mapped out for you to add new skills, practise each day and enjoy the benefits of managing overwhelm, handling stress, have more time, relate better to others, feel great about yourself.

I offer you:

  • Assessing current self-care situation & skills
  • Assessing your needs based on stress response and stress levels
  • Mindset around supporting yourself and taking action
  • Workbook created for your needs, to specifically to guide you week after week
  • Included journal prompts
  • Included solo meditation guides
  • Pre-work (Day 1)
  • 1 Session (Day 2)
  • 1 Call (Day 17)
  • Weekly email support
  • ZAR2370

Get this high-impact support and change your life around in the next 30 Days, click on the Buy Now button: [if you need a payment plan, please email me to request)

Next step:

  • I’ll be emailing you after payment’s received, you’ll receive the Pre-work Email & the Session request for Day 2.

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo

Please note:

  • If you are interested in adding your astrology sign (personality psychology) and infuse into self-care, click here to access that offer! (link to be provided)