How does Self-care work?

A lot of people have asked about Self-care and the practical side of it. Some of the questions are specifically on Emotional and Mental Self-care because that is what I help with:

What is Self-care?

  • Self-care consists of deliberate activities we practise regularly, to support our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

How does Emotional Self-care work?

  • We as human beings, generate emotional responses to everything we experience, see and hear. In my support work, emphasis is on expressing those emotional responses linked to people, events, situations etc in a practical way – it helps us feel better, sleep better, feel more calm, be more present in our day and communicate better just to name a few.

How does Mental Self-care work?

  • Much like the previous question, our brain is like a box which saves every experience during the day, whether it was a few seconds long, or minutes etc. Now, add to that any kind of stress, maybe from a meeting, or being stopped by the traffic cop or getting bad news. It’s important to healthy functioning to release all that information in a way that works. Becoming aware of how we think about ourselves, how we treat ourselves is part of self-awareness, and once we’re aware we can make specific changes to support ourselves.

How does it help me at work?

  • Regularly practised self-care can result in increased self-awareness, development of intuition and self-trust, improved confidence in how you show up just to name a few.

How does it help me when I’m all stressed out?

  • You’ll have access to self-care tools specifically for in-the-moment times of stress, that help you calm down, gain objectivity and be able to think clearer. While these support your own wellbeing, it does still mean that there might be actions to take, be that setting up a difficult conversation, or setting boundaries, or negotiating different terms just to name a few.

Can I use it only when ‘the sh*t hits the fan’?

  • The answer from me is a hesitant yes. To enjoy all the benefits from Self-care, I suggest turning it into a habit of supporting yourself regularly, so that once stress occurs, you’re much better able to recognise it and deal with it and come through less affected.

How do I know if Self-care is for me?

  • If you have little or basic self-awareness, then you’re ready to start your Self-care journey. Please reach out to me for a personalised response to where you’re at in your life.

If you have questions after reading the above, please send to me here.

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