In a hurry to get high-impact visibility for your biz on LinkedIn? 7 Action Steps to help you get it right

Time is the new measurement tool for us, we all have access to the same day, yet we’ll spend it differently. When our business is set up right online, our daily activity of marketing, selling and delivering client work, will be manageable. This solution suits all online businesses as the action steps form part of Business Basics. If you need to check with me regarding your business, please email me.

The foundation to online visibility will be detailed below in detail, and it’s information that’s on trend right now, and ensures that the action steps you take, will be relevant to your personal brand, your business offering and your market most importantly.

Visibility is key and one of our top 3 priorities, the first 2 being minding the business and taking care of clients. Visibility is an every day or regular activity and needs all the commitment and care and passion you can give to it. This is why outsourcing it at the start of your business, is in my personal opinion and experience, not a good idea – it helps you connect with your market!!!

This solution includes the following and focuses on:

  • Trend update on what’s changed for Business Owners online in the last 3 years
  • Product/Service, online checklist of everything that matters to potential customers
  • Personal Brand, how to position it and use it to engage
  • Business positioning, what to do and when to create presence
  • Your market/Ideal Customer, connect in high gear
  • Content, the goldmine approach, raising awareness
  • Engagement online, what does that look like
  • When to reflect, review and pay attention to feedback
  • Workbook with Action Steps
  • ZAR1470

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