About Me

I call Johannesburg my home, with a view on an urban lake, surrounded by a park in a quiet cul-de-sac. 2019’s marked the year of fulfilling my life’s dream of using all my skills and talents to support people like you. What’s a Private Strategist?

Inspired by the concept of Private Detective, I got the idea one day for Private Strategist which refers to one-on-one format support. I work directly with you to create a change strategy/plan to help you change the direction you’re heading or to start taking action.

As a natural intuitive and strategist, I respect and enjoy the high value impact that’s delivered to my clients in a private 1on1 format. Under the title of Private Strategist, I’ve been able to promote personal change possibilities. I’m committed to teaching the personal skills needed, to create and sustain a Self-care Lifestyle.

Hopefully I’ll get to meet you someday soon!

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Happy thoughts, Claudia

Bio: Claudia Anita, a Private Strategist, offers personal growth opportunities for people who recognise their inner leader. As a natural life coach and intuitive there has been a call among my own network to continue offering this and it being a big part of who I am, realised its value. An unwavering strategist at heart, whose expertise is qualified by years of self-care and mindset work and supported by a well developed intuition, offering a unique and unwavering perspective of what’s possible for individuals. No formulas here, all natural authoritative knowledge.

Private Strategist, Johannesburg – South Africa