Introductory Offer

This is amazing if you’re experiencing ongoing overwhelm, and something that’s substantial, quick and effective would mean the world to you right now.

Offer: How to handle my ongoing overwhelm, quickly

Your problem: With all that is going on in the world at the moment, you can’t seem to find any break from stressing every day. If only you could just get one good day, so that you can feel somewhat in control for a while and actually feel human again.

Here’s the thing: Before the pandemic, things were tense, it was start of a new year and tension was sweeping the world before we had time to fully understand what’s going on. How then can you de-stress regularly, without losing control of your day, and feel energised? Sign up with me and change your overwhelm in 1 day! (that’s what my clients tell me)

What do you get from me?

  • A 45min Guided Grounding Session with me
  • To start it off, I ask you questions to find out about how you cope with life at the moment, ie your coping strategy
  • During the grounding experience I help you release excess stress from your body/being
  • You get to learn how this works and how to do this on your own
  • You get grounding session guidelines so that you can do it on your own for the rest of the week.
  • I’ll email you 2 days later to check in on you.
  • Priced ZAR1070

Please click here to email me to Get Started with this offer – put the offer name in the subject line Offer: “How to handle my ongoing overwhelm, quickly”

  • I’ll send you a secure payment link in email.
  • Once payment is complete, I confirm the process in email, and send you a Guided Grounding Session scheduling link.