Intuitive Guidance

Bring your concerns, and leave with Relief, Clarity, Enthusiasm and Peace of Mind.

Life is about excitement, ideas, trying out those ideas, sharing our gifts, supporting others, asking for help, getting our needs met through self-care, interacting with ease and peace of mind, handling obstacles as they arrive, getting back up from rock bottom and generally creating memories…

Sometimes though, we can’t find a way up from rock bottom, or it’s milder than that, it’s a setback that’s derailing all your plans, or feeling disconnected from purpose and your path.

I’m offering you an experience to be deeply heard, supported by mystery I’ll be shown what needs shifting, what needs releasing and what shift in perspective to consider. It’s immensely powerful and I love nothing more than seeing how it dissolves old frustrations and opens new doors.

So come along and vent to your heart’s content, get it all out and let me put my intuitive skills to good use and empower you!

What to expect?

  • While every session is different, the steps are for us to meet up on video (or in person if locally based).
  • Whatever stressful situation you find yourself in, during an Intuitive Guidance session, you’ll receive guidance on what needs shifting at root level.
  • Also you’ll receive recommended action steps to take to move forward, add self-compassion to ease the way forward.
  • The guidance takes into account your Astrological Sign.
  • The session is 60 minutes.
  • ZAR970

Disclaimer: I do not consult on situations that exclude you, and I do not predict your future.

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Next Steps:

  • I’ll be emailing you with a scheduling link as well as requesting your date of birth information.

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo