Leadership Blogging & Legacy Development

For any corporate and business leader who’s got great work experience, leading teams for at least 10 years and keen to share their wisdom out to a larger audience, blogging is a great way to start expressing yourself.

Here in South Africa, we’re thirsty for authentic self-aware leaders to establish and leverage take their social media presence and use it for good. And you know, each professional is wired different, which makes your leadership journey and voice unique.

Your character will be amplified through social media, you’ll be sharing your wisdom with those who need to learn from someone like you, maybe they see themselves in you and reading your blog provides clarity and hope.

It’s a great way to start expressing yourself, and I’m absolutely excited to support you on this journey. As a natural inspiration to others, I can’t wait to guide and support you in translating your voice for others to benefit from.

  • Personal Brand Basics from ZAR1470 (Colour palette, font, visuals)
  • Monthly Blog > 600 words from ZAR1870
  • Weekly Post > 150 words from ZAR370
  • Legacy Strategy Session ZAR1270

PS: The Personal Brand Basics is a once off event, adding professionalism and visual attraction to the work you’re sharing with everyone.

Please message me to set up a Conversation to get started.

It’s important to leverage what you know, who you are and what you care about, to inspire others and to take purposeful action to make a bigger difference.