Monthly Spiritual Advisory for Entrepreneurs

Concisely delivered support so you can be more effective and happy.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a Spiritual Advisor to support you monthly while you focus on building your business?

She would know you, because we worked on your astrological birth chart and she completely understands your purpose theme and knows what’s inside your gift and talent zone and what’s not. She would give you space to vent about really pressing issues, so you can really deep dive into problems that just won’t budge. She would be able to tell which area of self-care you’ve been neglecting because it just shows. She’s good like that, it’s really impressive. She loves spending time with you because her intuition jumps in when it wants to and mystery arrives and it’s always fascinating. I couldn’t function without seeing her every month.

How does that make you feel?

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Next steps:

  • I’ll be emailing you to obtain your astrological date of birth info, a self-care questionnaire and a scheduler to set our first session.

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo