Program: From Offline to Online in 8 Weeks

Something interesting has happened over the past 5-10 years. The curious have been the only ones who’ve made the transition from offline to online successfully or at least without much pain. The rest, well, well you might be able to relate?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re one of many executives who didn’t quite make the change to online yet, and I want you to know that there’s a solution. And it’s not a ‘I do LinkedIn profiles’ or ‘I will fix your CV and align to your LinkedIn profile’ service. This opportunity goes beyond itemised results.

It’s an opportunity that you’ve been waiting for but didn’t know existed. It’s an experience that makes the change from offline to online in adapted and brand new ways. Online will then be your primary positioning space which leads to quality offline interactions.

So here is more information about this great, effective opportunity that’s designed to position yourself in a professional way online.

Realising how simple it was for me and so many execs to adapt to online way of interacting, it’s become a real challenge for so many execs to even know how to start this change.

It is quite a big change, and any anxiety and doubt that comes up, is absolutely justified. You don’t want to make mistakes, or embarrass yourself or worse, be boring online.

What if I told you that your impact online is 10x than in offline networking?

See, online people in your network get a series of opportunities, to get to know you, and build trust systematically. When we share a little about ourselves at a networking event, it takes connecting to a different level, the same happens online for example in LinkedIn.

There are many more positive reasons to make the transition, all of them good!

In order to make this transition quickly and efficiently, I created this 8 week opportunity to support you:

  • to learn what the reality is online compared to offline
  • to figure out your online personality, your voice
  • to see what you actively bring in a Social and Business conversational format
  • on how to engage online
  • on how to facilitate opportunities online
  • in how to participate in meaningful conversations that further contribute to growth in SA
  • to learn how to manage your network connections, manage invites and more
  • to add value and work on your legacy at the same time
  • on how to position yourself through creating content on thought leadership if this interests you.

The format of this opportunity is designed with weekly meetups, during which we cover content and do the work. Between sessions there are assignments to complete to further integrate information acquisition.

The work you conduct online is live, but there are no mistakes due to tools available – so your reputation is safe all the way throughout.

Click the following link to take the next step. Let’s chat over coffee – I’d love to meet you and answer any questions you might have. Email me your contact information and I’ll send you meet up details.[clickable]

Claudia xo