Self-Care Lifestyle and Intuitive Guidance

I have come to discover and now believe that Self-Care is a basic life skill. While I didn’t get taught any of these skills from those who raised me or through the education system, the parent lifestyle I embarked on in 2000 delivered many different challenges that I wanted to manage much better, and ultimately enjoy the journey. And so in 2009 my own journey around Self-Care and Intuition development began.

It’s part of my purpose to raise awareness of the importance of a Self-Care Lifestyle, and it excites me to create different learning opportunities for people to have a better well being. Click here for details and taking action.

Intuitive Guidance is my sacred work. This is my gift received which I’ve used to help a lot of people for 18+ years. The skill has been developed intentionally not only understand and channel it better, but in supporting others. Click here for details and taking action.