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Quick story: this self-care is the real deal, it’s not once a month walk in the garden, or a random bubble bath – this is much more, this is deep, this is setting up a foundation of caring for yourself.

Putting yourself first. Maybe this is your 1st attempt of trying self-care, maybe this is your 10th attempt. Welcome to this learning opportunity.

Self-Care is quite simple, the art of taking care of yourself.

Getting to know your own needs is the first step, we’ll discuss your stresses and levels of stress you’re living with on a daily basis, in order to understand fully where you’re at in your life.

The aspect of body is a contentious one, and I always look forward to this journey, which for many seems to be the most difficult of the 3 areas. This is probably due to a lack of inner and outer body focus for many generations.

The aspect of the mind might seem a tad boring, however here lies so many possibilities for interventions. Learning how to treat your fear/ego mind and understanding when it’s useful, is important for day to day living. The quality of your thoughts, and learning how to be more intentional, will cause huge improvement for you.

The aspect of your spiritual connection is the next piece, and while this is very personal, we’ll spend time identifying your relationship to it, and improving it to benefit you. Herein lies the value of stillness and reflection.

There are other areas such as how you relate to yourself, is how you relate to others. Setting personal boundaries is another area, this is very therapeutic and stand to benefit yourself and another. And of course the art of self-expression, using assertiveness and honest expression make for a better life experience.

Self-Care Living is a beautiful fundamental layer in our lives and immediate impact can be seen within a week.

The process is never the same for everyone, and we’ll:

  • Orient around where you’re at with self-care, this is then your own starting point, assessing through questions.
  • A learning experience for each of the 4 areas, with homework to practise.
  • A change plan is then created for you which you’ll integrate into your life.
  • Additional sessions are available to you, if you need.

People helped so far:

  • Many single parents, who feel pressured to doing it all excellently
  • Career women who want to feel more engaged
  • Teens who feel estranged from their parents and teachers
  • Business owners who felt isolated in their experience
  • Retired women who feel overwhelmed by age and family needs

To Get Started, connect with me:

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Happy thoughts, Claudia xo