Self-Care Tools

The quality of your life depends on how much you care about your needs and to what extent you believe in yourself.

Creating your Self-Care Lifestyle is a personal journey and everything you’ll be learning here, is based on your current state of awareness around your self-care.

This new offer is a great introduction right now into getting grounded, and helps you get back into present tense state of mind and awareness, calms you immediately mentally and physically and fosters connection:

There are a few self-care tools to learn about, practise in your own time and integrate to support you optimally. A Self-Care lifestyle, develops over weeks and months, and helps you understand how your intuition works eventually. It will also provide you with an unwavering ability to center yourself within, as opposed to not at all, or worse, depending completely on what others think of you.

While the Self-Care tools might seem simple at first, in essence they develop in complexity as they are practised for integration – and ultimately over time, your experience with it all will create a new perspective within you. It delivers gradual shifts right from the beginning which adds a sense of reward and some excitement 🙂

Awareness and Well being aspects are intellectual/mental, emotional, physical/body and spiritual connection. The following options were carefully considered are available:

  • Email Course: 10 day Introduction daily basis to Self-Care Tools – ZAR770
  • Email Course: 21 day Complete daily basis to Self-Care Tools – ZAR1570
  • In Person / Video Call 6 Monthly Strategic guided work sessions – 90 min, with weekly email guidance & support – ZAR2270 each
  • In Person / Video Call Situational session – Self-Care Conversation 60min – ZAR870

Please message me with your selected starting point or any questions you have.