The Executive’s Other Plan for Visibility

You’ve been thinking about changing companies for a while now, but how do you start? That question is at the front of your mind. You’ve heard from your friends about companies that charge R10+k just for a professional CV but you just can’t invest that much. And then how do you find your next job? No-one offers help with that, they just look at your CV. Who can I speak to, who offers proper direction and guidance for someone like you with plans of getting a better job with great growth potential?

I don’t know how or where to even begin, I don’t even have the time for this – I really wish there was someone who can help me.

Having been on LinkedIn for almost a decade I’ve received so many requests to help with job search. What a lot of executives don’t realise is, that they are best suited to do this directly. And here is how I’m going to support you with it:

  • Pre-work
    • Meetup Session 
    • Review your current situation and future ideas/aspirations in enough detail in order to see which way you want to be heading next.
    • Various other aspects such as positioning, value, personal brand, mindset, outlook are discussed.
    • Development section for Follow On Session.
    • Identifying a strategy which works for you
  • Follow On Session
    • Development feedback and discussion for integration
    • Presentation of strategic details
    • Improvements for CV and LinkedIn positioning
  • Optional Ongoing Sessions
    • It’s somewhat likely that you would want to extend this support to a regular meetup.

The format of this opportunity is designed with a Pre-work section by email, followed by 2 sessions over 2 weeks. The first session includes integration opportunities for immediate impact and sustainable change.

The investment for this opportunity is R3500, which includes Pre-work, Meetup Session and Follow On Session. If you’re outside of Johannesburg or Pretoria, we’ll connect via an app. The Optional Ongoing Session investment is based on individual need, please ask me about this.

Click this link and email me your details so that we can set up a chat or commitment date. [clickable]

Claudia xo