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Private Strategist

You are as interesting to me, as the next person. I am somewhat fascinated by people who want to or have invested time and perhaps money, into learning more about themselves.

In an era of information and resource abundance, it’s quite an exciting journey of discovery to enjoy.

I admit to enjoying most of all, working in a private context, compared to offering workshops at this time. It’s quite a wonderful way for me to offer intuitive guidance for the situation you might find yourself in.

In simple terms:

  • I welcome your courage to ask for help, support from me, who’s truly passionate about this part of life.
  • The problem situation you could find yourself wrapped up in currently, requires a new perspective which is what I offer in a safe and supportive way.
  • I access intuitive guidance throughout our interaction, which contributes towards creating a practical action plan.
  • Together we’ll consider, discuss and decide on possibilities that address your current challenge.
  • The ideal last step would be for you to commit to maintaining the change after our interaction, I offer you ways to support yourself independently with self-care steps.

So I work with you on mindset, which is followed by identifying what’s not working for you, to achieve a different outcome. You may or may not need ongoing support, which will be included in our meetup.

This is how you can hire me:

Private Strategy: Quite a hardworking session, during which you’ll offer and discuss your current challenge, I get to work and intuitively identify that which needs to change now, so that you can achieve the desired outcome.

Self-Care Strategy: 120 minutes and follow up of 30 minutes and email support. We’ll brainstorm the aspects of Mind, Body and Connection and select the best Self-Care options for you and create your Lifestyle Plan for immediate use and benefit.

Who-am-I Session: A 90 minute session where I share with you your birth chart and introduce you to your nature as according to the minute and day you were born on as well as location, this information is supportive and empowering.

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Claudia xo