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My business is based in Johannesburg, where I focus on local clients to fulfill my mission of getting as many business leaders as possible online – in order to speed up the rate of change which conversations can make happen at leadership level. See, every change in society starts with an idea and a conversation to make a bigger difference #southafrica

I’m quite a multi-skilled professional, and was given my assessment results at age 20 ‘You can develop almost any skill you put your mind to’, just not accounting it turns out. There is a term for the way my brain is wired, Multipotentialite – Emilie Wapnick coined the term and has since raised awareness for this multi-talent state. Enough about me for now, here’s what I bring into your world as Business Executive:

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A more personal addition, are Self-care tools

P.S. Just in case you’re wondering about the title of Private Strategist, it’s inspired by the concept of Private Detective. Working directly with my clients, to create a strategy which is practical and can be implemented immediately.