Your Life’s Purpose Theme as per your Birth Chart

The art of being! This is all in your astrological birth chart. Permission to live you best life by being your natural self.

Your birth chart is a cosmic map of the skies the minute you were born. Did you know that thousands of years ago, each community had a cosmic seer who’s job it was to deliver purpose theme to a newborn’s family? The seer would arrive and interpret an aspect of their chart and explain to the family in which ways they were to support their newborn. Reason for it, is that some of us are born to do big things, others are here to effect subtle long term change and so on.

Each of the 12 Star Sign embodies a unique perspective, this is where all Gemini’s have certain traits in common and we can even spot them at times in a room. Same is said about if someone’s inclined to be negative or positive in their outlook on their life and the world.

What’s the Purpose Theme?

  • In your birth chart are 3 signs, Moon, Sun and Rising.
  • These are read in combination and relation of each other.
  • This dance will be explained to you in detail.
  • You’ll be able to understand your purpose better.
  • The purpose theme is not limited to a job, work or interest area.
  • The purpose theme empowers you to live your life fully.
  • The session gives you the space to ask questions, share experiences and make sense of it all for the future.
  • It’s mystical and very exciting!!!!
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Next Steps:

  • I’ll be emailing you to obtain detailed date of birth information in order to generate your chart and prepare your Purpose Theme session. Please allow for 72 hours for this work, then I’ll send you a scheduling link to secure a date and time.

I appreciate your attention, Claudia xo